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Accomodation along Pfälzer Höhenweg, Waldpfad und Weinsteig

Here you will find accommodations along the "Pfälzer Höhenweg", the "Pfälzer Waldpfad" and the "Pfälzer Weinsteig". These are specifically geared to these three trails and show the exact distances to the main access roads and to the long-distance routes, so you know how much time you have to plan before and after the tour. We recommend that you reserve all nights before arrival, because especially in the peak tourist season between September and October as well as on public holidays and long weekends there is sometimes a bottleneck.


We especially recommend our Deskline accommodations correspondingly marked with an online booking availability, as well as our "Qualitätsgastgeber Wanderbares Deutschland", which you can see from the adjacent logo. These top quality hosts are specially geared up to the needs of hikers and offer special services such as luggage transfer to the next accommodation, pick-up and delivery services and can even put up hikers at short notice for just one night, when possible.

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